Draw Something Cheat – Free Unlimited New Words

If you’ve ever wanted to swap your Draw Something words for new ones but have no coins or are too tight to spend them, here’s the trick for you!

Instead of proceeding with the dud words (or smelly ones like in the screenshot below), to get new ones just press the home button. You will then be out of the Draw Something app but it’s running in the background. Now double click the home button. You will see all running apps.

Click and hold the Draw Something app. It will then be highlighted with a red minus symbol, let it go then click it  again to close it.

Now reopen the app and select the game you were playing. You will now be presented with brand new words which don’t cost you any coins.

Draw Something Cheat


You can repeat the process as many times as you like if you still aren’t happy with the words.

Happy Drawing!